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By managing 240 after sales service representatives throughout Iran, RAK Home Appliances. guarantees all the products which are imported to Iran for one year and offers the best after sales services to the customers.

Guarantee Card Conditions:

1. Guarantee service is just for spare parts and wage.
2. Guarantee card is not transferable.
3. The sets should be presented to service centers together with guarantee card.
4. Guarantee term is 12 months from selling date.
5. The name and model number of product should be mentioned in the guarantee card.
6. The guarantee card should be protected carefully.This card won't issue again.
7. Presenting this card to service center is necessary. Otherwise, the customer should the repairing charges in cash.
8. This guarantee card is for major parts, not included the minor parts.

The following matters are not included the guarantee card:

1- Panel , buttons ,antenna and complete breaking
2- Fluctuation of electricity, carelessness in using sets and transportation . Natural
........factors like fire accidents and falling.

About Us

Activity of RAK Home Appliance Company with limited responsibility was started by manufacturing Home , Audio  and Video Appliances. 

RAK has normally grown up in a way that currently providing a broad range of products and services and including variant Home and Audio-Video Appliances to global market. These products manufactured according to the recent IEC standards and latest technology concepts and developments.

RAK has the potentiality of designing and manufacturing especial products according to customer requirements in economical volume / quality in line with goals of company.


RAK Company has been widely expanded and showed remarkable progress during the past years by employing qualified engineers and skilled staff. Years of Collecting experiences , good reputation and diversified resources and talents altogether with continual development in the products variety and quality made of RAK, one of the greatest and most efficient and reliable manufacturer of Home and Audio-Video appliances in the world.


RAK has obtained the ISO certificate by using technical potency and expert human sources.

High quality with competitive prices made RAK able to have major share of presenting its products to global markets.

Competition has not affected the quality of RAK products and it will do its best efforts to enhance the quality of its products. RAK products is always recommended to potential customers by current customers. 


Welcome to RAK website


     RAK Home Appliances Company has established in 2009 in London and since registration has begun to import, export home appliances with RAK brand to global market.                  

RAK Company is the only company in UK that has the quality management according to ISO 9000/2000. Rak company sells home, audio and video appliances by managing more than 100 agents and more than 500 services branches after selling in different parts of word .


Wish respectful clients utilize these services.