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By managing 240 after sales service representatives throughout Iran, RAK Home Appliances. guarantees all the products which are imported to Iran for one year and offers the best after sales services to the customers.

Guarantee Card Conditions:

1. Guarantee service is just for spare parts and wage.
2. Guarantee card is not transferable.
3. The sets should be presented to service centers together with guarantee card.
4. Guarantee term is 12 months from selling date.
5. The name and model number of product should be mentioned in the guarantee card.
6. The guarantee card should be protected carefully.This card won't issue again.
7. Presenting this card to service center is necessary. Otherwise, the customer should the repairing charges in cash.
8. This guarantee card is for major parts, not included the minor parts.

The following matters are not included the guarantee card:

1- Panel , buttons ,antenna and complete breaking
2- Fluctuation of electricity, carelessness in using sets and transportation . Natural
........factors like fire accidents and falling.